Organisational Development & Effectiveness

Organisations face rapidly changing competitive environments where there is a need to add or delete products, open or close facilities and redeploy the workforce. Although we can not guarantee the future, we can ensure our people are fully employable. It is people who create new systems, innovate, develop relationships and make effective teams. Therefore, a prime concern of any organisation has to be the effective utilisation, development and growth of their knowledge, expertise and experience. 

An organisation needs to be ready to move and evolve with its environment to maintain its competitive edge. Our consultants have the knowledge and experience to help you review your organisation’s needs and provide tools and methodologies to support you in the following areas:

  • Organisational Design - we have the ability to help you review your organisation, determine whether it is operating to its optimal level and, if necessary, guide you through making the changes your organisation requires.
  • Organisation Development is a particular approach to introducing and managing change within an organisation.  We work closely with our clients to provide techniques that reduce resistance to change, decrease conflict and minimise loss of morale bringing about positive and sustainable change.
  • Coaching your executives and managers, we have hand picked coaches that specialise in providing an outstanding business focussed executive coaching service.
  • Bespoke development programmes for both Management and Leadership Development.
  • Training and Development programmes that are fully tailored to your needs, giving you a workforce that is more motivated and more productive.
  • Employee Motivation - Is your organisation buzzing or is it more of a fizzle? Do your managers inspire? A motivated workforce is the key to a successful and vibrant organisation.
  • Performance Management is much more than a paper exercise with bored managers and lethargic employees. Get it right and it is a powerful change management tool. Developing and consistently applying an appropriate Performance Management process is an essential element of the delivery of effective Human Resource Management strategy and optimising your Human Capital.
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