Robson Executive

Robson Executive is focused on the recruitment of senior level management and executives who will lead and shape your business.

With our indepth knowledge of both executive positions and the marketplace we identify and attract the very best talent. We work collaboratively with you to develop a detailed view of the person you are looking for and to understand the strategic, financial, operational and cultural issues unique to you.  Our value is in identifying and attracting the candidates that will add the maximum value to your business.

Our confidential Search process is a systematic technique which we use to attract, and then secure, highly skilled or scarce individuals for senior or specialised posts.  This is based upon marketplace knowledge, selection (a recruitment advertising campaign) or an extensive search (head-hunting) to identify prospective executives.

Depending on your requirements, we can combine our specialised Search techniques together with aspects of our Selection methodology to give you full market coverage and give you access to executives that are not currently on the market.

We act as ambassadors for your business at all times to ensure you are represented effectively throughout the search and candidates have a positive experience when dealing with your brand.

Finally, even when the assignment ends, our commitment to you continues as we mentor your new employees through the initial months of their employment.

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