Reward & Recognition

Competitive pressures push organisations to continually become more creative around the area of employee compensation and benefits in order to attract, retain and motivate a talented workforce. We work with clients to design and implement a wide range of reward and recognition programmes. Our consultants work with you and your organisation to create the solutions that match your business needs.

Sound Reward Management and employee recognition aims to improve performance, motivate employees, increase commitment, support the organisational culture and compete in the market place. Our consultants support you with specialist guidance and practical advice around areas such as -

  • Executive Bonus Schemes
  • Sales Commission Plans
  • Incentive and Bonus Schemes
  • Market Rate Surveys/Salary Surveys
  • Job Evaluation & Pay Structure
  • Total Remuneration
  • Harmonisation of Terms and Conditions
  • Recognition Schemes
  • Employee Benefits
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